Chinese driver's license car rental tips

1. Please bring your original Chinese driver's license which is valid, the main driver and copilot must have the original and valid Chinese driver's license and passport. Some special models require a driver's license for more than 5 years.
2. Chinese tourists can use Chinese driver's license for six months, new immigrants can use Chinese driver's license for 90 days.
3. The rental vehicles can be out of the province or the United States with the same insurance.
4. International driving permit (IDP). You can use an international driver's license to rent a car, but international driving permit must be used in conjunction with existing foreign driver's license.
5. About car rental deposit. The contractor (main driver) with credit card supporting for overseas payments must hold his / her master card / visa credit card, all car rental fees and deposits must be paid via credit cards, please carry sufficient credit in card when picking up the car (car rental deposit can range from $5oo to $2ooo Canadian dollars), depending on the car models.
6. Car rental companies need to verify if you have traffic violations and other behaviors during the lease period. The car deposit will usually be frozen by the car rental company for about a month after you return the car. Note: The car rental company does not accept cash as a deposit. If you use cash as a deposit, the car rental company may refuse to collect the car, the car rental fee you already paid will not be refunded.

 National driver's license car rental tips

The main driver only needs to present a valid driver's license. For co-drivers, a valid driver's license and passport are required. The rental deposit must be paid with a master card, visa card or debit card. The deposit can range from $5oo to $1ooo, depending on the car models (ICBC required).

 Rental insurance instructions

Car rental insurance generally includes: Collision Damage Waiver, Comprehensice, Third Party Liability. The basic insurance will set the level of compensation, and we set the amount of compensation according to different models. The amount of compensation for general models is $500, while the amount of compensation for special models is $1000 (within ICBC insurance agencies requirements). You can also ask for additional insurance and we will help you with it.

What is included in car insurance?

The car insurance generally include Loss Damage Wavier. If it is a third party's responsibility, it can be exempted.

Which is not included in loss damage wavier?

Damages to the car window, windshield, interior, wheel, tire, chassis or roof of the car, or damage to the car itself (no third parties involved).
Driving after drinking or taking drugs.
The name of the driver did not appear on the rental agreement.
Damages caused by unauthorized third parties towing a car.
The repair costs due to the above reasons are 30% of the value of car rental, the renter needs to buy this car, and the amount of compensation will be evaluated based on the market price.

What is covered by the theft insurance?

The theft insurance coverage generally includes: theft of the vehicle, theft of vehicle parts and accessories, damage caused by the theft. You need to bear the cost and the fee will be deducted from the deposit, and then insurance companies do the compensation.

 Other fees

Drop off during non-operating hours: Cars can be dropped off at airport during 8:00am - 9:30am and 6:00pm - 9:00pm, with an hourly charge of $15.
Pay ticket on behalf: If you get a ticket during the rental, the rental agency can pay the ticket on your behalf, for an extra charge of $5.
Fueling on behalf: The rental agency can help fuel the car for an extra charge of $5.
Limited kilometers: All rental vehicles have 200 limited kms per day. Travel that exceeds 200km per day will be charged an extra fee of $0.20/km (standard) and $1.00/km (luxury), respectively.
Vehicle license fee & air tax: The rental agency will charge a vehicle license fee and air tax of $2 per day.

 Car picking up & dropping off times at airport

Monday to Saturday, 9:30am - 6:00pm. Closed on Sunday.